Raise Awareness Today

It’s never too late to raise awareness about Prostate Cancer

You can make a difference today by starting a fundraising campaign that reaches to all the people that you know both online and offline.

Run a footrace, take part in a long-distance cycle ride, organise a bake sale, busk on the streets or compete in a dance marathon – there’s no rules, do whatever you can do make people aware of the risks of Prostate Cancer.

These major charities are working hard to either uncover ways to prevent, diagnose or treat Prostate Cancer. Find them online and get in touch, so that you can send all the money you’ve raised to a good cause:

Prostate Cancer Research Centre

One of the leading charities that deals specifically with the research of Prostate Cancer, Prostate Cancer Research Centre aims to improve the survival of the next generation of men through researching new methods of treatment.

Cancer Research UK

Although not specifically focused on Prostate Cancer, Cancer Research UK nonetheless spends time and money researching the disease. One of the most recognised Cancer Research charities in the UK – they regularly organise Coffee Mornings that bring together small communities in solidarity against Cancer.

Prostate Cancer UK

Raising awareness for the prevalence of Prostate Cancer is at the forefront of Prostate Cancer UK’s approach. Latest studies that they have funded have isolated the need for black men in the UK to educate themselves more on the increased risk that they have of developing the disease, compared to men of other ethnicities.


Focusing on all forms of male cancer, Orchid aim to tackle the increasing number of men who are diagnosed with male-specific cancer variations like prostate, testicular and penile cancer. Over 50,000 men a year are diagnosed with one of these cancers. Their programs include a ‘Check Your Chaps’ Awareness Campaign and Starting New at Golf, a golf based youth program designed to encourage good health and education on men’s health.

Tackle Prostate Cancer

Officially known as The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups, this charity works to give a voice to prostate cancer patients through patient-led support groups, as well as raising awareness through promotional campaigns. Their focus on communication aims to remove the stigma of discussing health amongst men, so leading to quicker diagnoses and stronger mental health.

The Movember Foundation

A truly international foundation, that receives no governmental backing, the Movember Foundation has become an internationally recognised brand that aims to have an everlasting impact on men’s health. As well as raising awareness of Prostate Cancer, the charity focuses on Mental Health issues and Testicular Cancer. Growing a moustache in November raises awareness and is bound to make someone smile!